Drive Brand Conversation with Twitter's New Instant Unlock Card Ads -

Drive Brand Conversation with Twitter’s New Instant Unlock Card Ads

Posted on August 9, 2016 by

Twitter has just made its Conversational Ads available for all advertisers to use and has recently released a new ad format – called an Instant Unlock Card. These are designed to increase user interaction and engagement for your brand by giving people a piece of exclusive content in return for tweeting with your hashtag. It’s a powerful way to boost your brand awareness, and early tests have already proved successful.

Twitter Unlock Cards

Conversational ads contain compelling images or videos that include call-to-action buttons with customizable hashtags, designed to drive more conversation between businesses and Twitter users. Instant Unlock Card ads build on this by giving users a stronger incentive to tweet about your brand. In return for a tweet with your hashtag, you offer users access to exclusive content – such as a trailer, recipe or interview. Every time someone tweets with your hashtag, your brand awareness is increased and your message is spread around the world.

How it works

1). Promote an exclusive piece of content
You create a unique image or video that people will want to see, such as an exclusive trailer, recipe or interview. This shows up as a promoted tweet in people’s Twitter feeds.

2). People tweet your message
In order to access your exclusive content, people have to post a tweet including your chosen hashtag – spreading your brand message across the world.

3). Your content is unlocked
After posting a tweet with your hashtag, the content is unlocked, allowing the user to enjoy it.


Does it work?

The short answer is yes – Instant Unlock Card ads are a powerful way for advertisers to expand their online presence, encouraging users to promote and share a brand’s message in return for a reward. Twitter’s beta tests gave brands an average 34% earned media rate, which means for every 100 paid impressions they received 34 for free thanks to people sharing the hashtag – offering good value for money and a good return on investment.

The Twitter Ads dashboard has also been updated, including lots of engagement metrics and statistics on the impressions generated from these new ad formats.

Twitter Instant Unlock Cards

AMC used an Instant Unlock Card ad during Comic-Con to start
conversations about its hit show, The Walking Dead, by offering
their passionate fanbase a world premiere of an exclusive trailer.

For more information, read Twitter’s full announcement.

If you’d like to boost conversation about your brand, contact us for help running a Twitter advertising campaign or for more information on how to take advantage of the new Instant Unlock Card ads.

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