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Drive Brand Conversation with Twitter’s New Instant Unlock Card Ads

Posted on August 9, 2016 by

Twitter has just made its Conversational Ads available for all advertisers to use and has recently released a new ad format – called an Instant Unlock Card. These are designed to increase user interaction and engagement for your brand by giving people a piece of exclusive content in return for tweeting with your hashtag. It’s a powerful way to boost your brand awareness, and early tests have already proved successful.

Twitter Unlock Cards

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Twitter to Stop Counting Photos and Links in 140 Character Limit

Posted on May 17, 2016 by

Since the dawn of Twitter, users have complained about link and photo URLs counting against each tweet’s 140-character limit. Now that may finally change. Twitter will stop including photos and links in character counts, possibly within the next two weeks. WOOOO!

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Donald Trump & Social Media

Posted on May 5, 2016 by

Last week, I saw an article about how the potential next American presidents are using social media.

This week Donald Trump has now become the presumptive Republican nominee, so it seems like a race against Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump.

We wanted to analyse how Donald Trump uses Social Media, below we give you the insights.

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Essential Skills That A Social Media Manager Needs.

Posted on April 8, 2016 by

That’s right, a social media manager. Not even ten years ago social media was in its infancy and, basically just consisted of MySpace and Bebo.

Back in the day, Facebook was only just a baby in the world, used only by universities students to connect. Social marketing wasn’t even a thing.

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