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Web-Feet launches Coaster CMS!

Posted on March 7, 2016 by

We are very excited to announce the official public product launch of Coaster CMS today. Coaster CMS is our own Content Management System, conceived 3 years ago to fill a gap in the market for a simple to use yet feature rich CMS.


In an industry that’s keen to push WordPress as the CMS of choice we decided that it was time to break the mould and deliver something to the market that actually worked in the best interests of our clients rather than the developer building it. As such, we’ve taken all the best bits of all the CMS solutions out there, added some great new features to make it incredibly flexible and combined this with a user interface that is actually intuitive and easy to administer. Nobody wants frustration, a steep learning curve and a load of disparate plug-ins to keep up to date and secure. Coaster has been used by our clients for these last 3 years and we consistently get great feedback on how simple it is to use, letting our clients get on with running their business. So, in the last 12 months we’ve been working hard to launch the CMS as an open source product in its own right, available to all to use via the popular software distribution site GitHub.

thanks for the website – we are really happy with it! Its so easy to load everything on to it.

Aside from the usual content management features we are excited to say that Coaster CMS is one of the first fully integrated CMS solutions set up to work with Bluetooth Proximity Beacons and the Physical Web right out of the box. If you’re not familiar with Beacon technology, they are the gateway to enabling interaction between the web and the physical world. So, once you are in the proximity of a Beacon, using your phone or tablet, you can interact with the Beacon in ways only really limited by your imagination. When near a Beacon, you can receive a notification, specific to the Beacon, and interact with it (and therefore it’s location) via a web browser or app. Beacons will revolutionise how we interact with the web. Coaster CMS has built into it, the ability to manage the content for beacons to allow the simple and rapid deployment of Beacons for whatever purpose you wish. As we continue to develop and improve Coaster, we will add further features and Physical Web integration opportunities. As such, not only can you manage all of your online content via Coaster, you can also add interaction with the Physical Web, immediately and with little complication or complexity. Only your imagination will hold you back in terms of innovating within your business.

How does Coaster CMS compare to the competition?

Coaster also comes with many more features, including a fully responsive dashboard that allows you to make changes to your website when on the move with your smartphone or tablet. Additionally, Coaster sports the ability to create rich, engaging content with the use of Coaster’s advanced repeater block based system. SEO experts can rest assured that many SEO tasks such as XML sitemap generation is all managed automatically. Other SEO tasks such as redirects and meta tags can all be changed from within Coaster without the need of any additional plugins.

Coaster boasts out of the box features that beat the likes of WordPress and Joomla:

Features WordPress Joomla Coaster
Manage pages secondary feature yes yes
User friendly interface yes no yes
Multiple menus via additional work yes yes
Content block types enable design consistency no yes yes
OOP Framework partial yes yes
Composer compatible no no yes
Developer friendly until plugin overload no yes
Unique “repeater” block feature for hugely flexible websites no no yes
Beacon compatible no no yes
Built in SEO tools (automatic sitemap + 301 redirects) with plugin partial yes

Go to the Coaster CMS website to find out more and to get started with our great Content Management solution.

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