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The Power of a Brand

Posted on February 2, 2017 by

The Power of a Brand

The power of a brand is often underestimated or overlooked in the world of business, both online and offline. A strong brand becomes trusted by both potential and loyal customers, who associate it with high quality products and good customer service – projecting a premium image of a business. This means customers are more likely to frequently purchase from a business and are willing to pay premium prices.

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Your Marketing Budget Is Not About Money

Posted on June 13, 2016 by

Web-Feet spends countless days working with clients on developing their marketing budget.

We also work with business owners who want to grow their business through marketing. We can happily say that it is a 20 / 80 mix of business owners understanding what they get for their marketing budget.

In the world of marketing, we have seen many times marketers who submit a marketing budget to their manager without any explanation and then wonder why it gets rejected.

We have learned a pretty effective process, while there are no guarantees, increases the chances of getting marketing money approved. I will share the process with you.

Marketing budget

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