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SEO Case Studies

SEO Case Studies

Case Study 1


May 2019 Average Daily Organic Search Impressions


June 2020 Average Daily Organic Search Impressions


Our client runs a successful bricks and mortar shop in Southampton but also a Magento 2 online store. When the client first came to us another agency had built their website but it was besieged with problems and they eventually ended up looking for another agency to help them. Since that time we have provided Search Engine Optimisation services and helped them grow their online business in a fiercely competitive marketplace.


The original website had a number of technical issues and was not very well optimised for search. Magento 2 SEO can be quite challenging as it’s a complex platform but we were able to address these confidently as we have a lot of experience with this platform


First of all, we optimised the sites robots.txt file to make much better use of their crawl budget with Google. This means that Google will be able to prioritise crawling (and ranking) the high-value pages on the website. We also optimised all the product pages based on research and technical data we collect through weekly audits. We also have monthly reviews of Google Search Console data to help us uncover opportunities. This rigorous and methodical approach to SEO for such a big website has brought significant gains across all metrics for the website.


Case Study 2


Jan 2019 Average Daily Organic Search Impressions


July 2019 Average Daily Organic Search Impressions


Our client runs a successful business selling boats and engines, outboard servicing and RYA training as well as a range of other related services. At the beginning of 2019 the client switched suppliers for their main product offering. Working together we put a plan in place to manage the transition from one brand to another. We also continued to target traffic across the board for all of their other products and services.


The website was receiving significant traffic for a specific brand of boat that our client sold. As he was switching to a new and relatively unknown brand he didn’t want to risk losing that valuable traffic.

What did we do?

We identified the high traffic generating pages and associated keywords and also carried out competitor research to help us identify other opportunities. Using this data we implemented new product pages and changes to the navigation to facilitate the brand switch. We also added additional content to the site around the new brand proposition. Within two months of this work our client was on page one for their new product and already generating good traffic. Further, he was still receiving traffic for his old brand for which he was able to service through remaining stock. Across the board, we saw a significant increase in traffic which was even better than we had anticipated.

case study 2 marine matters

Case Study 3


June 2019 Average Daily Organic Search Impressions


Aug 2019 Average Daily Organic Search Impressions


Our client is a well-established brand across the world for a number of diverse access automation products. The website is well established and already generating significant traffic.


Whilst the website was generating significant traffic our research showed that they were ranking well for branded search but not so well for generic product-related searches. Most of their page one rankings were brand-related and they were missing out on a lot of unbranded search terms.

What did we do?

We carried out a detailed competitor analysis of their marketplace and a detailed technical audit of the website. Through this research, we compiled a list of target keywords and built a content strategy around it. Firstly, we addressed several technical issues as well as fundamental SEO issues with the site. Next, we started adding content to the key landing pages. These activities alone resulted in a significant uptick in search impressions through an increase in ranked keywords. This was achieved in a fairly short space of time and we expect to continue to deliver results as we implement our plan.


Case Study 4


Oct 2019 Average Daily Organic Search Impressions


May 2020 Average Daily Organic Search Impressions


Our client had suffered a number of hacks on their Wordpress site and as a result asked us to step in and help them recover the situation. We rebuilt their site onto a new CMS platform and started on rebuilding their online presence.


As a result of a number of issues with the site the client was receiving little if any web traffic.

What did we do?

We took the existing site design and recreated the site onto a new CMS platform so we could be confident that any malicious code had been removed from the website. Then we carried out a detailed competitor analysis so we could build a content strategy to start building traffic to the website. As the site was effectively new we took a ground-up approach to the project to ensure we had a sound foundation on which to work going forward. By being very focused on our objectives we very quickly grew the visibility of the site on the search engines and started generating traffic to the website. This project is still in its early stages of growth but now has a solid foundation on which to grow traffic.



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