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Facebook down 19/06/2014

Posted on June 19, 2014 by

I went to check twitter briefly this morning and saw a few tweets saying facebook was down…. I went to check by updating the feed on my phone, and indeed nothing was updating.

On a desktop browser, this is the message that appears:

Screenshot 2014-06-19 09.18.42

This is pretty rare for facebook and just goes to show that any web service is vulnerable to downtime no matter how large or small the operation.

I’m sure there are many developers at facebook scratching their heads and running around desperately trying to repair whatever issue has caused the site to come down…

As much as this is a pain for millions (billions?) of people around the world it does show that you cannot guarantee uptime forever in any environment…

So for now while it is down…. enjoy the world around you… or just jump over to twitter until facebook returns…..

UPDATE: 19/06/2014 09:25 – Site came back up the moment I posted this! In total, it was down between about 09:05 and 09:25.

Applewood Joinery New Website Live!

Posted on June 16, 2014 by

The new site for Applewood Joinery is now live!

Applewood Joinery manufacture a range of high quality joinery products. They specialise in staircases, windows and conservatories and will also create bespoke joinery for other applications. Check out their website if you’re interested.

Their site is built on the new Web Feet CMS making content management simple and easy. The design is now responsive so it will scale up and down for mobile and desktop platforms respectively. Also added is a ‘case studies’ section; allowing them to update their site with recent work they have done. Multiple galleries have also been added with an ‘enlarge’ function making it easy to display their latest work. A simple contact form has also been added, allowing potential customers to get in touch.

Please tell us if you like the new Applewood Joinery site, and get in contact if you require something similar.

Some of our happy customers

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