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Proximate Is Live!

Posted on May 19, 2016 by

Proximate is a solution designed to allow anybody to start using Bluetooth Beacons to promote location-based offers and information to smartphone users, direct to their handsets.

Learn more below.


Eddystone Bluetooth Beacons broadcast a web page address (or URL) to anyone within physical proximity of the beacon, up to 90m in open space. The Proximate solution is an entire range of solutions that allows you to build a web page, purchase a beacon pre-programmed to broadcast this web page and an App that will allow smartphone users to access this web page to receive your offers or information.

This is how it works:

Firstly, you buy your Beacon via our on-line shop and then subscribe to a customizable web page. You will then have easy access to setup and customise your web page to promote your offers or information. Your web page can be a voucher, a page giving easy access to relevant links through to further information, anything you like. What’s more, with our unique set of features, you can even have different web page versions appear at different times.

Once you’ve received your Beacon and set up your web page all you need to do is to promote your service or offer at the location you intend to place the Beacon. Your Beacon will be supplied with a small sign that you can place in the same area as the Beacon which invites people to download the Proximate App to their smartphone. Once downloaded, your users will receive notification that there is a Beacon nearby and will be presented with the address of the web page you have built. The user can then quickly and easily open your web page and gain access to your promotions or information within a few seconds.

Proximate infographic

As Beacons are a location based device, the information they broadcast is specifically tailored to the specific location within which the Beacon is placed. This means that the web page broadcast by the is very specific and relevant to the people that can interact with it.

Some examples of how this can be incredibly beneficial to both Beacon owners and users are shown below;

  • Major restaurants, such as KFC or Burger King, can send coupons or offers to apply for free food or to enrol in their loyalty or rewards programmes.
  • Hotels can inform guests about events and promotions or can offer to enrol them in loyalty or rewards programmes.
  • Nightclubs can offer drink and discounted entry fees to people to entice them in off the street without using promoters and banners.
  • Shopping centres can offer a proximity marketing benefit to their tenants by putting together a package of coupons or offer a discount at any retailer.
  • Travel hubs such as airports and public transportation centres can provide maps or display ads that can be sold to local tourist destinations.
  • General information about a product or service can be delivered through proximity marketing even if the fixed location of the business or service agency changes.

If you want to have your Beacon configured with another URL, for example, an existing page on your website, that’s fine too. You just select this option when going through the website order process.

Want to know more? Contact us for a demo and trial run today!

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