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Facebook Live Video.

Posted on April 11, 2016 by

Facebook are putting time and a whole lotta money into Facebook Live, so it’s expected that it’s their fastest expanding feature EVER.

While they have been really trying to push it to a wider audience celebrity endorsement has been their most resulting tactic so far, now Facebook is going to add a live button in the messenger area.

Facebook Live

Facebook’s messenger, even with its own app, will soon be replaced with a button that will open up a Facebook Live video instead. You will be then able to see what your friends and the world is doing live! For businesses, it is fastly becoming the next thing in Marketing and for the right reasons. For solo projects, as long as you give it a good title, you might get people watching without needing to promote it yourself like music or popular destinations.

Having the right title makes a difference as people will be constantly shifting between what they want to watch so make sure you got your stuff sorted right!  If you want a private show or conference you can select that option, furthermore, Facebook let you share a livestream with someone else. Be careful with that though as it could become really annoying real fast.

Facebook Live

One of the features Facebook really want is a live video to work though as they know it could be the next big thing, especially with VR headsets. This creative and genius machines are the next in gaming and livestream popularities. Imagine what it’ll be like one day to be able to watch a 360° live stream as if you were sat right there with the person? AMAZING! For now, go out and explore Facebook’s live video feature. I’ll let you make your own mind up about it.

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