5 Common Local SEO Myths Debugged -

5 Common Local SEO Myths Debugged

Posted on May 25, 2016 by

Myths and rumours are never ending in the world of SEO, smaller and more inexperienced businesses will worry and tend to make mistakes online thanks to these SEO myths. To help those who suffer from these problems about SEO rumours, in this article, I will discuss The 5 Most Common Local SEO Myths.

Local SEO Myths

A large radius of service area business will make your rank goes higher.

Most people will set the radius of their service area businesses really large to reach the higher rank. In fact, this method will not bring your rank anywhere.


Failure to claim your page means your business won’t rank anywhere.

You can make sure about this myth by considering the authority of the people who say this to you. The truth is only amateurs do this kind of thing. It is because the verification status would not have serious effects for the ranking; if the listing is left in the condition like before the verification process.

Maps SEO can work effectively separately from Organic.

Maps Optimization is not something that can be worked separately from organic SEO. Those two are connected. They work together , so it is impossible to use only one of them.

 Google will display everything listed in your Google My Business dashboard.

Everything that the owner put in GMB will only be one of the sources for Google to find and display information. Google will update verified listings all the time from Google Map or Map make. Thus, this is not really true.

Deleting your listing in Google My Business means deleting your listing from Google.

Duplication of listings on Google may be a burden for business owners. Most people will solve this problem by claiming and deleting it from the dashboard of Google My Business. They do not know that actually that way is a serious matter. You can see it by receiving an alert or message asking if you are sure to do the thing. When you delete a listing from Google My Business, the listing will be unverified. It will still be found on Google Maps. if you really want to delete it through Google My Business, it is probably because you do not want to manage the listing anymore.

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One thought on “5 Common Local SEO Myths Debugged

  1. Gale on July 22, 2017 at 3:07 pm said:

    Good read! Thank you Jay for this detailed blog. This type of information is a must read so these myths will be corrected and will be gone.

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