5 Tremendous Digital Marketing Stats From Last Week

5 Tremendous Digital Marketing Stats From Last Week

Posted on May 23, 2016 by

Last week’s roundup of digital marketing changes includes good news for AdBlock Plus, even better news for Zoella, plus a whole load of insight into customer loyalty, data privacy, mobile payments and Donald Trump!

Right let’s get the round up of the last week’s digital marketing stats!

60% of customers abandon baskets due to slow delivery.

A survey has discovered that customers are abandoning online baskets because their expectations for delivery are not being met.

40% of consumers said delivery is a very important factor in determining whether or not they make a purchase. Likewise, 77% said that free shipping would be more likely to encourage them to buy from a retailer again, and one in three said they are usually irritated when a company charges for delivery.

With Walmart announcing the launch of ShippingPass, an annual membership that competes with the likes of Amazon Prime, the future of retail is predicted to be fast, free shipping. We have tested Amazon Prime in-house many times and especially the one delivery slot, we think this fast service is truly the future of shopping.

AdBlock Plus reaches 100m users

AdBlock Plus reaches 100m users.

As we mentioned millennials  in last week’s roundup, control over online browsing remains an important issue for young people, with 93% of millennials saying they would consider using an ad blocker.

It appears that many are doing more than just considering it.  This week the co-founder of AdBlock Plus, Till Faida, announced the company has reached the milestone of 100m users, making it the most popular product of its kind. Yet companies are now back lashing and refusing to let you visit certain sites without turning off ad blocker, will this affect the visitors to the site?

Social media stars in demand by retailers.

Research by Affilinet has discovered that two-thirds of retailers operating online would like to work with a social media influencer on a future marketing campaign.

The top three personalities cited as the most in demand are:

  • Zoella (21%)
  • Tess Holliday (19%)
  • Kayla Itsines (17%)

Just 24% of those surveyed said they already had experience working with bloggers and vloggers, which means 2016 looks set to see even more of a boost for influencers.

Social media stars in demand by retailers.

6% of people say their mobile phone has replaced their wallet.

New research from Nationwide Building Society has revealed that the mobile phone is becoming the primary method for a range of activities.

29% of people surveyed said their mobile had already replaced their watch, 22% said it had replaced their diary, and 14% said home computer. With a third of people having used their phone to make a mobile payment, factors like security, convenience and ease-of-use are most important when doing so.

6% of people say their mobile phone has replaced their wallet.

Trump tops Democrats in subscriber email engagement.

Despite having a much smaller subscriber list than his rival candidates, Donald Trump’s emails are coming out top in terms of audience engagement.

From an analysis of email data by Return Path, it was found that Trump has maintained the highest email open rate over both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Interestingly, while Sanders has had less success with open-rate, he does have the lowest ‘deleted without opening’ rate, demonstrating his audience’s staunch devotion regardless of the message.

Trump tops Democrats in subscriber email engagement

Trump tops Democrats in subscriber email engagement

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  1. ujwal pandit on June 10, 2016 at 1:33 pm said:

    First of all, being bored at work does pay well if you have a Smartphone and you browse through blogs.Amazing information with facts thoughtfully incorporated within. Definitely going to come back for more! 🙂

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