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Westway Coaches


Westway Coaches is a luxury company that is dedicated to providing a premium service. However, their website was completely outdated and failed to communicate the identity of the brand.

They needed a new image that would exemplify the standard of their offering. We revamped the brand guidelines and used it to create a website that was fit for purpose. The website now epitomises luxury.


When Westway Coaches came to us, they were deeply unhappy as they had been burned by another marketing agency.

They were paying lots of money for digital marketing that was inflexible and failing to give them the results that they were expecting. They weren’t even given information about what their competition was up to online. The strategy they were using was outdated and they weren’t transparent about their activity. The whole experience left Westway Coaches distrusting of marketing agencies.

Not only that, their current website was slow, clunky and counter-intuitive. The design was poor and the functionality was limited. The site did not showcase their impressive fleet; the capability of their services or convey their accreditations, such as their royal warrant. It was restrictive and didn’t allow Westway Coaches to win business in the way they should.


Westway Coaches is a luxury brand that required luxury branding.

The first goal was to refresh their logo. We kept the original design as the company had become well known for it, but we changed the colours from blue and orange to the glorious bronze the company is now synonymous with.

Once the new branding was together, we began designing a new website with a luxury touch. After the design and colourways were established, we focused on adding functionality, such as:

  • A blog that enables Westway to communicate key events to their customers
  • A side menu with graphics of all of their coaches
  • A feature-rich homepage with a good space to showcase their reviews and a carousel with details about their fleet
  • A rolling gallery that builds as you scroll to perfectly showcase videos and images

Before the site went live, we followed a rigourous transferal process to make sure there would be no loss of traffic during the changeover.

The new site was set up for good SEO. Coaster CMS has built-in metas that have helped the site to gain the great traffic it has today. We also ran a competitor analysis which helped to guide our SEO strategy for the new site and to make sure it was outperforming its competitors as soon as it was live. We have continued to manage their SEO and PPC on a monthly basis.


The new site is exactly what the client was looking for.

It has form and function. It is extremely visual and successfully hosts lots of images but without slowing down the load time. There is plenty of useful functionality and good calls to action sitewide. The website has seen steady growth and a dramatic improvement in lead generation. The booking and contact forms are far more intuitive. The new look and the new site has helped Westway Coaches to define themselves as the leading coach provider and has meant they are another happy customer! They are a luxury brand that now have a website to match.

quote Julie Pretty, Commercial Director

"Very good creative team - patient and helpful at all times - I would thoroughly recommend them."


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