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Visit Romsey needed a rebrand and refresh that would encourage the successful promotion of Romsey as a town.

We prioritised simplicity, ease of use and aesthetics when building a CMS site that would make visiting Romsey as inviting and accessible as possible..


Visit Romsey were looking for a high-quality website that could beautifully showcase all of Romsey’s attractions and encourage people to, you guessed it… visit.

They needed to increase footfall and a website that would make this happen.

Their current website was outdated: it was only one page with no CMS so the content couldn’t be changed. There were no images and the design and logo needed a complete refresh. They wanted a brand new look and a sleek website to match; whilst being informative and easy to use.


Our first goal was to create a new logo that they could be proud of and one that carried Romsey’s heritage.

We spent time getting to know who they work with and how they foresee Romsey’s development and future. The purple and teal colours that now make up their logo were chosen to match the colours of The Romsey Future Partnership, an organistion dedicated to maintaining a healthy town with fulfilled residents. There is now unity and symmetry between the two.

The next part of the journey was designing a website that used these colours gracefully and consistently to retain brand identity. User experience and imagery were a top priority along with developing features that made information as easy to find as possible, such as:

An embedded ‘show me the way’ feature on each hotel or restaurant that takes users straight to Google maps to find the quickest route
An on-page accessibility toggle that allows users to easily increase or decrease zoom on the page making it easier for those with impaired vision
A by distance feature which lists all the places of interest according to their distance from Romsey’s town centre

When it came to development, the site was built to be updated. It was very important for Visit Romsey to be able to change the website content frequently, in-house and by anyone.

So we built the site on the open-source Coaster platform, a CMS designed with the user in mind. We always offer training and Coaster is so easy to use that we have never had to teach anyone twice.


It speaks for itself: a clean, informative website with user-friendly functionality. The content is changed regularly and all done in-house..

vr quote Louise Batson, Project Manager

"The team at Web-Feet are an absolute pleasure to work with. The build of our website was carried out efficiently, to a high standard and anything we asked for was dealt with professionally, patiently and turnaround is always fast. Would highly recommend Web-Feet."


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