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We were approached by Roughton to provide an industry-leading website that could showcase all of the projects they have worked on - with an easy to use content management system (CMS) that could handle vast amounts of content (more than 250 pages currently).


Roughton had a few different priorities when they came to us for their new site.

They had undergone a recent rebranding, so they wanted a site to match - something that would showcase their completely new look to the fullest extent and that was flexible enough to keep in line with their new image.

Roughton wanted a CMS that was all about ease of use and allowed them to edit, upload and delete content from their own office. Finally, given their huge service offering, they needed had great usability for their customers and kept everything connected.


We spent time with the client, getting to know the business and how she wanted the website to be structured.

Then our creative team got to work, and within two days we had produced proofs of the homepage that the client loved and believed set the tone brilliantly. We made sure the design took into account exactly how Roughton wanted to market their business. To make sure the site had solid user experience, we created a clean and concise navigation page that displayed all their services in one place and in alphabetical order.

Their visitors needed to find what they were looking for without getting overloaded by content, and a standard drop-down menu would be too large and unfriendly to display their more than fifty services. To help users find their way around so much content, everything had to be clearly connected together.

We placed links to supplementary content on as many pages as possible, so users could easily find related information and access more areas of the site. For example, we added prominent links to project case studies on the individual services pages, giving users an easy way to learn more about Roughton’s work in these fields. Once the site was ready, we invited all the Roughton team who would be using it to our HQ and gave them full training on using it.


The site has warranted endless compliments on the new look and feel and especially on the ease of use on tablets and smartphones, from the Roughton team both overseas and in the UK. The site is extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate.

r quote Alexandra Wilson, Marketing Manager

"I felt well looked after and completely comfortable with the level of interaction between us. It is great to have a website to be proud of. I am confident that we will be happily working with Web-Feet long into the future, with further developments, SEO and hosting requirements... "

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