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KHR came to us for a website that would clearly showcase their Lagler products, boost sales and was very easy to use.

We created a website with simplicity of use in mind and made sure the Lagler branding was clear. For even better user access, we made a mobile app that works hand-in-hand with the website and now customers can connect from wherever they are.


As the only UK distributor of Lagler’s world-leading floor sanding machines, KHR wanted a standalone website to showcase their Lagler official servicing and maintenance offering, services which were getting lost on their eCommerce site.

KHR offer advanced training courses and machine servicing by Lagler-trained technicians. KHR was very keen to boost sales for these services.


We worked with KHR to design and build a fresh site from scratch that would suit their needs and place their service offering front and centre.

We created a clean, simple design that was in line with Lagler’s branding to emphasise the fact that KHR is their only UK distributor. Our design incorporated large, clear product imagery to grab customer’s attention, and we focused on making the design as trustworthy and user-friendly as possible.

It was also important for us to ensure the new site had good UX (user experience) to help boost sales for KHR’s services and products.

To do this, we made it as efficient as possible for users to book a machine service or register for a training course by simplifying the process and removing any unnecessary steps. Alongside detailed product descriptions, we made sure that everything showcased on the new site linked back to KHR’s online shop and was easy to navigate.

Since product support is such a big part of KHR’s business, we also focused on making the support experience was quick and effortless for users. To accomplish this, we created a versatile mobile app that allows customers to easily contact KHR from anywhere. Using the app, customers can send text and photos to one of KHR’s Lagler-trained technicians to get immediate assistance and arrange servicing or repairs.


Our work resulted in a site that’s a portal for UK businesses to connect with KHR and get the very best training and servicing for their Lagler machinery.

Both KHR and Lagler are very happy with it and have already received positive feedback from customers.

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