Search Network Ads

Search Network Ads

Target the right people & have better control over your digital advertising spend with Search Network Ads

Google Search Campaigns enable advertisers to display their advertisements in the search listings of Google Search. For example, if you sell 'Wellington Boots,' you can tell Google to display your ads only when someone types the words 'Wellington Boots' into Google. Your ad can show next to search results, on other Google sites like Maps and Shopping, and on the websites of Google search partners. 

How much you bid, and how well your ad is optimised can influence your ad's rankings in the Google Search listings - this is where Web-Feet come in. We can help set up, manage, monitor & optimise your Google Search Campaign on your behalf, helping you boost sales & get recognized in Google.

Our digital marketing team are experts in Google Ads account managing, and run successful Search Network Advertising & PPC campaigns on behalf of many of our clients at Web-Feet. If you're looking for a tighter control of your digital marketing spend & a ROI, then we would recommend a Search Network Advertising Campaign.

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