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Interaction on Demand

Coaster CMS is a beacon-enabled content management system. Beacons amongst other purposes, allow your website to directly interact with your customers within a physical location such as a shop. Customers will be able to receive special deals, news and other offers when they come into close proximity of a beacon. Beacons can also direct your customers to specific web pages on your Coaster CMS powered website such as a product page or a contact us page.

Coaster utilises the Kontakt.io API to integrate with their beacon technology. Any beacons you possess can be added, monitored and administered through Coaster's administration panel.

Coaster CMS

Kontakt.io helps build the world’s best proximity solutions. Our platform puts the real world in contact with the Internet of Things by connecting devices with proximity awareness to the cloud. Kontakt.io goes beyond beacons to do this, and has a full suite of innovative technology, starting with Bluetooth Low Energy beacons and moving on with a variety of other hardware and software technologies, and we make it simple for any business or serious hobbyist to create the Bluetooth application or business of their dreams.

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Interaction on Demand

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