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Apps for Proximity Marketing

Apps are increasing in popularity with businesses daily as they try and identify new opportunities with their audiences.

Therefore, Mobile Marketers have increasingly taken advantage of smartphone Apps as an effective Marketing resource.

Having an App isn’t just a new channel, it’s a jam-packed hub of data and endless engagement possibilities. It can tell you how your customers move about their life when not in your store, and how they choose to interact with your brand.

The App will let you see what the users want and give you the option to tailor the demand to them. Constantly analysing the results you can turn that one off win into a weekly buyer by providing the satisfaction they desire. Take the leap of faith with personalised Marketing.

Benefits of Proximity Marketing using Apps could be:

  • Driving, even more, purchases

Fashion retail use Apps to offer discounts and incentives to their users, such as a launch of a new range a user could receive a 20% off while the rest would not get that.

  • Returning custom

Nightclubs are always looking at ways to bring more people through the door compared to their rivals, having a loyalty programme they could offer heavily discounted entry fees or unique drink prices to users part of their loyalty programme.

  • Boosting engagement

Theme parks can offer the above to App users they would also give feedback on problems they find at the park or ways that services can be improved to make the users visit more pleasurable. The park could also send out questionnaires and offer incentives for answering questions.

  • Loyalty

Linking with the returning custom if you want continued custom and positive results from your users you have to offer some sort of personalised loyalty programme or recurring incentives for continued custom. A tactic used by well know smoothie and coffee shops.

  • Increased Awareness

Festivals are always best sold by big headliners and word of mouth, using an App to offer incentives for those who share your App or “message” any and every business is always looking for more awareness in this tough world.

  • Personalised Marketing

This is what makes you stand out while using Beacons can throw out push notifications and send users to a one-off win situation, the App lets you customise how your message looks, you can showcase your brand values and reach a new level of personal engagement with your custom audience.

  • When planning on investing in a Mobile App for your business you must consider all the aspects of it.

Always choose a dependable and professional company to create the app you need for your business as this would guarantee increased chances of success in building the app and minimise the chances of possible technical glitches.

Inevitably you must understand that in order for the app to work it must be developed by a competent agency who has the skills and knowledge to do so, which in the long run gives you a whole new platform to advertise on and if you Market its great results from your consumers.

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App-Based Marketing

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