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Proximity Marketing

What is Proximity Marketing you may ask, well let us explain…

Proximity Marketing is the localised wireless delivery of Marketing content associated with a particular place or offer. Marketing messages can be received by consumers within the targeted location that chooses to receive them and have the necessary apps/settings to do so.

Broadcasts are generally in the form of an advertisement, offers, incentives or simply just information, going directly to your customer’s mobile device your marketing communications can now be crafted based on the location of the beacon.

Location of a device or beacon is generally set by these rules:

  • A Mobile phone in the target range or specific type of phone (iPhone, Android etc).
  • A Bluetooth or WiFi device within range of a broadcast or Beacon.
  • An Internet-enabled device using GPS enabling it to request localised content from Internet servers.
  • A phone using a RFID chip on a product or media can launch localised content from internet servers.
  • Broadcasts targeted to specific groups within a given location, for example, content in tourist hot spots may only be distributed to devices registered outside the local area.

Furthermore, broadcasts may be both times and place specific, content at a conference venue can change depending on the event in progress, or in a nightclub where depending on what room you enter depends on what drink offers you will receive.

Uses of proximity marketing include broadcasts of media at concerts, information, gaming, social applications, marketing and more. 

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Proximity Marketing

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