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When it comes to website design & development, we make sure that users are at the forefront of our thinking. User experience (UX) and user interface (UI) sound technical but are about putting the user first. When someone visits a website you want the experience to be fluid and intuitive and you want to reduce any friction between intent and action. It's quite often simple things that reduce friction but they can massively improve the entire user experience. Put simply, this brings more traffic and business to your site through better engagement.

Our UX design process combines our industry leading practices & technical skills with creativity & innovation. Our Hampshire based developers have a clear focus on ensuring a seamless and positive user journey, with the aim to ensure all content is clear and accessible. Each touch point should provide a consistent brand and user experience.

Through thoroughly understanding your business & researching the needs of your target audience, we map out a clear user journey which acts as the blueprint for your website. The result is a user-friendly interface & a digital experience that delights the user. We drill down into the user experience so that we can identify points of friction that may impede the smooth process flow as the user moves and navigates through your website. The more friction that can be removed, the more users will engage with your website and share their positive experiences with their friends and peers.

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