Established in 2001, goPhysio is a family run physiotherapy business with a spacious and modern clinic in Chandler’s Ford, Hampshire. Offering more than one hundred hours of physio a week, they've helped thousands of people lead active and pain-free lives.

They had previously been working with another local web agency and had a website hosted with 123-Reg. As you may have heard in the news, there was recently a serious problem with their servers and every website hosted on them was permanently deleted. This created a serious problem for goPhysio, who suddenly had no website. To make matters worse, their agency had not kept any backups of the site or content - so there was no quick or easy way to restore it. goPhysio urgently needed a new site up and running - so they contacted Web-Feet for help.


When goPhysio first came in to speak with us, we discussed their situation and immediately began to recommend solutions. In this scenario time was very much of the essence. Not only was the website down, missing out on valuable custom and impacting on search rankings but also as no site backups were completed, action was required to recover the website content.  

In order to address the online impact issues we began developing a new site immediately in order to get goPhysio's online presence back up and running.

The second problem was how to recover the website content. Google automatically caches sites in its index, and as such we were able to use this to our advantage and advised goPhysio to retrieve as much website content as possible. First, we instructed the client on how to find a list of every URL from goPhysio’s old site currently indexed in Google. The cached versions of each page could then be accessed and the content downloaded (learn more in our 123-Reg recovery guide).

A full SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) transferral was very much required to repair the site’s search results, following the server crash. Due to the amount of content lost, a lot of which were blog posts, the site was riddled with 404 (page not found) errors, which meant users attempting to access certain pages would not get to see the content. Not only was this frustrating for users, it also negatively impacted the site’s SEO. All of which had to be corrected.

To address this problem, we worked alongside goPhysio to immediately put back any content recovered from Google’s cache. For the remaining missing pages, goPhysio did a great job of rewriting the lost content which could go straight back onto the site with next to no amendment. We also created categories for blog posts, merged similar articles together, and redirected any unused pages to other related content.

This scenario is extremely unfortunate and very costly for any business. We always ensure that all of our client's websites and content are backed up both in house and at our external server centre on a daily basis safeguarding our clients businesses from any technical malfunction, eliminating this situation from ever reoccurring for goPhysio.


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