How We Work

How We Work

The Web-Feet team have a strong focus on collaborative work & shared ownership, pulling together our broad & varied skillset to deliver the best possible results for our clients.

We take a communications-driven approach, working with our clients to deliver phenomenal results. We have in-house expertise which allows us to provide world class, forward thinking services in three key areas; strategic, creative & marketing. Our team is tight-knit & works closely together on each project to deliver the best possible results.


We spend our time building and marketing engaging and professional websites. It’s what we like to do. Whatever your project, we want to hear about it. Contact us via phone, email, socially, online or simply drop in!

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You are purchasing more than a website. You’re tapping into a team of industry experts ready to learn all about your company, products, services and customers. We’ll listen and advise on how you can best market or sell your products online, as well as streamline business processes and save money.


We will provide you with a full detailed breakdown of your requirements, any options open to you and itemised costings.

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This is where the fun starts... plan, research, plan some more. No two businesses are the same so with your input we can research ideas and start work on making your online presence engaging and valuable to your business. We then lay the foundations for a brilliant and functional website.


This is where firm foundations make for a robust and functional website wrapped in design glory! That may sound over the top, but if you wrap good design around strong foundations you have a winning combo. We could baffle you with technical stuff but we know what are doing (or rather coding) and will deliver a site that looks good and works well. That said, if you want to talk techie, we like doing that too.

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This is your opportunity to either enhance your existing brand or begin to build a really solid one for the future. Design isn't just about engaging your visitors but making things simple and attractive, driving conversions and satisfying your customers' needs.


A critical role in any development project: we test in all browsers, technologies and devices to give you piece of mind from day one.

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This is the best bit, releasing the work to your audience


Our work is never over so even when your website is up (and looking pretty darn hot) we’re still here to help you drive sales, monitor ROI, raise your business profile and to provide specialist technical support.

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Let's talk

My name is and you can email me at

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