When Does Your Site Need a Security Audit & What To Check

When Does Your Site Need a Security Audit & What To Check

Posted on June 29, 2016 by

Thanks to the evolution of online viruses and the growth of sites that have been broken into by hackers, dangers threatening your business are more common than ever.

The question of how often you should conduct a website security audit is vague. Ideally, you should download a security system that manages this for you and verifies your site’s safety automatically so that you do not have to worry about upkeep.

Still, most companies conduct a security audit and backup only when they absolutely have to. As an agency we often provide security audits and reviews for all types of businesses who don’t trust their software or just want a certified professional making sure they’re in safe hands.

Why So Secure?

This is the question on everyone’s mind as they believe their business is safe from hackers, why? They just do.

Having a secure website can help you in many ways. Other than just giving you peace of mind, it will also make your customers feel much safer during their visits – which is especially true for ecommerce sites that are high risk.

According to TNS Research, common customer concerns include:

  • 87% of online shoppers are concerned about credit card fraud
  • 85% of shoppers are concerned about identity theft
  • 83% are concerned about sharing personal information
  • 77% are concerned about spyware

Regular Scanning

Check your website regularly and test all links to ensure identity thieves and hackers have not introduced malware into advertisements, graphics or other content provided by third parties.

If a link has been compromised then your customers can be the target of bait links which lead to major problems that you do not want to be accountable for.

Security hacker

Penetration Testing

If you store any type of valuable information such as customer contact information, transactional data or proprietary information, these are all high-value targets for hackers.

Consider hiring an agency like ourselves to help review the site and test out its features and code that basic software security programs alone cannot discover.

Companies that did this in a study by WhiteHat Security saw a decrease of 65% in vulnerabilities. In today’s increasingly connected world, it is important to preemptively find weaknesses before hackers do.

penetration testing

Never Underestimate The Dangers

Many site owners believe that viruses usually hit personal computers so securing their websites is not a priority. However, having a site taken down by malicious activity can cost you thousands in lost profit and large quantities of important data, not to mention lost sales and customer confidence, oh and Google putting a bad mark against your name.

About 55% of retail sites are “always vulnerable”, meaning that they are at serious risk of getting hacked by criminals. Maintaining normal and reasonable security is not expensive but getting hacked is. Regularly checking the security of your website with an audit is an essential part of operating a successful website that is safe from malicious threats.

The dangers are interminable and the downfalls that can come from getting attacked can be very costly. If you haven’t already taken steps to increase your website’s security, now is the time. If done correctly, it will help protect both you and your customers from attacks.

The time you save from preemptive measures is worth far more than the amount of time that you’ll invest to resolve a security threat when it occurs. Most importantly, you’ll be able to sleep well at night knowing that your website is as secure as can be.

Want to know more or talk about security on your site? Contact us today! 

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