Google Shopping

Google Shopping helps shoppers find and buy products online as well as comparing prices between advertisers, its perfect for connecting merchants with the right customers.

Our clients will testify 'Its a fantastic tool to allow all of your products to be displayed in Google as well as having search optimisation benefits, getting noticed and ultimately sales?'

Google Shopping

The technical bit:

From February 2013, Google commenced the transition from the free Google Shopping (Froogle) listings to a new paid-for programme (This is similar to PPC - Product Listing Ads).

Previously through a Google Merchant Centre account (Google Shopping feed) online retailers are able to display their products for free in organic listings. However from February 2013,Google Shopping operates on a fully commercial model only?

This requires retailers to ‘pay to display’ their products by creating Product Listing Adverts in an Ad-words (PPC) account linked to a product data feed in the Google Merchant Centre account....don't worry we can manage all of this for you

The new Google Shopping model charges on a Cost Per Click basis and Google determines ranking based on what bids advertisers choose, positions for specific key phrases will then be decided by a combination of a) your bid and b) how relevant Google deems your product to be for a specific search query – just like Product Listing Ads today (PPC).

The easy bit:

We can create your campaigns and manage your feeds targeting those products and services which are most important to you and within your Cost Per Click we give you access to all the reporting via Google


“Google Shopping (formerly Froogle) is an important sales area for Premier Electrics and since we began using Google Shopping our sales have increased immensely.”
“Web Feet set up and manages our Google Shopping feed and ensures it is up and running, to take away the responsibility of management from us and allow us time to focus on other areas of our business”
“We see Google Shopping as essential and would recommend it to any online product sales business.”