Website Development

This is where firm foundations make for a robust and functional website that is wrapped in design glory! That may sound over the top, but if you wrap a winning design around some strong foundations you've got a winning combination. We could baffle you with technical stuff and abbreviations but rest assured we know what we are doing (or coding if you're a techie) and will ensure you have a site that looks good to your visitors and works for you in running your business.That said, if you want to talk techie, we like doing that too and if you want to see us get excited and animated, ask us about Responsive Design!

Web Development Southampton

Bespoke Solutions

We don't really believe in one size fits all, chances are you will need some aspect of your project built that is specific to your needs. Don't ever be constrained by what you think might be too complicated, impossible or too expensive, just run it by us and we'll see how we can help. We can easily construct a web based application based on your requirements ranging from a simple static HTML website up to complex dynamically built database driven systems.


What's a dynamic website?

With static HTML site pages you have to manually create, edit and link them throughout your website on your computer then upload the changed files to your hosting enviroment. This process is generally alien to most people and requires you to know HTML coding, FTP and usually requires more specialist software. To be honest, if you run your own business, you have better things to do.
Dynamic websites on the other hand can be thought of as template style systems where the content (text/images) are loaded in from a backend database. As this information is stored in a database it means pages are created 'on the fly' and linked together automatically. For our customers we then create an administration area where you can securely login and update your website using simple WYSIWYG editors (like using word processing packages like MS Word). Our content managed (CMS) solutions are designed from the ground up to be simple, effective but above all powerful, putting the user in control but with the full support of a professional company right behind you.


ECommerce Solutions

Whilst the internet is very price sensitive, a hard won customer is a future customer if they've had a good experience. That good experience is gained by having a website that makes life easy to buy things but is equally full of good ideas or inspiration - not everyone buys out of necessity. Rarely does one size fit all, you don't have to be the cheapest.. just be the best. We have been building ecommerce sites for 14 years and many of those early customers are still with us.


We aim to create websites that offer good usability and an overall positive user experience. This basically means that the site is intuitively easy to use, friendly to the eye and fast. There are many different ways to achieve this, starting from the initial design, but include aspects such as easily found navigation items that remain constant through, bread crumb trails, well structured pages, and much more.

Accessibility & Disability

Here are Web-Feet we are very aware that websites need to be viewed by a large variety of platforms and web browsers. Because of this we aim to build all sites so that they look and function the same in each of these browsers so everyone can enjoy the same user experience. This includes stylesheets and scripting that degrades nicely so even older machines and mobile devices can see and access the main content of your site.
Of course everybody is different and a number of internet users have varying disabilities such as sight and hearing impairment. As such we also aim to create websites that conform to W3C and WCAG web compliance standards ensuring things like images have alternative text and descriptions, CSS is used for layout and formatting, Coding is descriptive and well layed out to help with screen readers. We also aim to ensure clear fonts are used and that foreground and background colours do not blend in a way that could obstruct text.


All our websites will look great on a mobile device, we use Responsive Design techniques as well as creating websites specifically for anyone browsing your site from a mobile device. We get quite excited about Responsive Design and if you let us give you a demo, we think you might be excited too, go on, ask....

Languages & Technologies

Our team has experience with the following (skip this paragraph if you are in anyway acronym averse): ASP, ASP.NET, Java, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, MSSQL, MySQL, HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS, Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Corel Photopaint, Cactushop, MS Visual Studio, Ruby on rails, Cold Fusion, Oracle to name a few.

Content Management

After the design and layout, it's all about the content being fresh, informative and relevant. Our solutions allow you to achieve this by making updates to the content of your website simple and straightforward, no good with computers? Never fear, we love training people and it's really not that hard, we make that bit simple too.


Not all hosting was created equal and no one size fits all, we will provide a solution that suits your business and budget. As and when your business grows... we manage that too making sure that your website is performing at it's best all the time. Beware cheap hosting solutions, like so many things you get what you pay for and we will only spec a solution that works well for your business and gives you one less thing to worry about.


Our support team are the same team that created your website, they all work in the same office and they are there to help you whenever you need them.


If you trade online, you need to know about PCI-DSS and PA-DSS. These are standards set down by the major card brands to ensure trading online is safe and secure for both vendors and their customers, we only provide PCI-DSS and PA-DSS compliant solutions and we are a VISA Approved Merchant Agent. In a nutshell, PCI-DSS is all about data security standards and best practice, PA-DSS is all about secure Payment Applications. Together they ensure best practice for ecommerce and without them you may not be able to trade online. We understand all the requirements in details so all this really means is that any solution we provide will adhere to best practice where online security is concerned, if VISA are happy.. you can be too.